1.04 ct Pear Shape Solitare Ring (IGI)

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The centerpiece of this ring is a brilliant 1.04-carat pear-shaped CVD diamond, radiating with the pristine color grade of F and boasting impeccable clarity at VVS2. The colorless brilliance of this diamond is accentuated by its pear brilliant cut, a testament to the artistry and precision involved in its creation. The unique teardrop shape adds a touch of romance and grace to this captivating solitaire design.

Set in a lustrous 14k white gold band, the diamond is elegantly showcased, allowing light to playfully dance through its facets, creating a mesmerizing display of sparkle. The choice of white gold complements the purity of the diamond, providing a timeless setting that effortlessly enhances the overall allure of the ring.

Whether you're preparing to embark on a journey of everlasting love or celebrating a significant milestone, our 1.04 ct Pear-Shaped CVD Diamond Solitaire Ring is a dazzling expression of commitment and style. With its ethically sourced origin, exceptional color, and clarity, this ring is more than a piece of jewelry — it's a reflection of your values and the enduring beauty of your love story. Elevate your moment with this exquisite creation that effortlessly captures the essence of sophistication and grace.

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